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A male student in Village Park. Photo | Chancelor Humphrey

By demonstrating continued dedication to high-impact educational practices, Point Park University has again been named as one of the nation's Colleges of Distinction.

Point Park has created a truly unique learning environment where students not only earn college credit and valuable life experience, but also participate in character-building community-based learning programs, service learning programs, interdisciplinary programs, collaborative assignments and projects, capstone projects, study abroad programs and internships.

College of Distinction national badge

"We are honored to name Point Park as a 2017-2018 College of Distinction for its continued commitment to student success," said Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer for Colleges of Distinction. "Colleges of Distinction applauds Point Park for pushing the envelope with its up-to-date curriculum, enriching the college experience with high-impact educational practices, and providing every student with an education that stretches far beyond what's typically required from an academic major."

The annual process of selecting the nation's Colleges of Distinction requires that institutions adhere to the four distinctions:

This process also includes a review of each institution's freshman experience, as well as its general education program, strategic plan, and alumni success, satisfaction measures and more.

"Our goal is to create a personalized support system for every student. We want them to understand that we are fully invested in their success, and have dedicated faculty and staff who will guide them through their college careers and beyond," said Paul Hennigan, Ed.D., president of Point Park. "Our students have access to the kind of real-world experience necessary to make an immediate impact as professionals."

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