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The National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team from Point Park University took third place in this year's regional competition for an integrated marketing communications campaign proposal for State Farm Insurance directed at the 18-25 year old market for auto and renters insurance.

In Point Park's 20 plus year history with the NSAC this was the university's best showing and judges also awarded Point Park with "Best Print Production" for layout, copy and production of both the plans book and executed campaign materials. First place for the day was awarded to Syracuse University; second awarded to Ithaca College. Scoring below Point Park were: Fashion Institute, Georgetown University, Kutztown, Pace and St. John's. Point Park's team included seven students and larger schools often have teams of 40 or more students.

According to Point Park Professor Bob O'Gara, "What made the judge's decision so meaningful is their comments that our campaign had solid creative platforms that resonated well with the target and a media mix effective at reaching the target multiple times with a clear message. They (judges) praised the work as having solid situation analysis and research leading to a consistent message carried through to both the target and those personal influencers that make the target respond. They particularly praised the application of public relations, social media and promotions to reinforce traditional media recommendations. As we teach this integrated approach in the Point Park curriculum it was heartening to see it validated by top professionals in the American Advertising Federation."

The Point Park campaign utilized the theme: "Good or Bad, We're There" to draw on the traditional theme of State Farm as a "Good Neighbor." The theme was executed with messages of reliability, necessity and accessibility. Creative included understated humor of running with scissors and using electrical appliances in the bathtub. Social media and interactive recommendations included Facebook quizzes on "Risky Business", Twitter, ingame advertising, blogging and LinkedIn applications. Public Relations and cause marketing recommendations included partnerships with Ford Motors, American Red Cross and an innovative "Safe Cities" media relations campaign. State Farm employees were also targeted with motivational and recognition programs to carry the program theme internally.