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Alumni and friends of Point Park University provide generous support for students by establishing endowed scholarships and awards. With each gift comes a story. A family member who built the foundation for the success of future generations. A donor reflecting back on the support they received as a student and a desire to pay that gratitude forward.

Whatever the inspiration for giving, the need has never been more urgent. With an endowed fund, your investment now provides opportunities for students next year and 50+ years from now. These are truly the gifts that keep on giving, the gifts that build legacies. Endowed scholarship and programmatic awards begin at the $10,000 minimum level. These gifts must be paid within three years and will be considered endowed at the time of full payment. We are here to guide you in establishing these gifts to reflect your intended impact now and for years to come.

Donors may also consider a $2,000 scholarship that is awarded within the year and the funds are fully spent. These gifts can also be paid over monthly payments.

Scholarships and Awards

photo from 2014 SAD event

  • Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
  • Alfred Brooks Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Andrew Bernhard Memorial Fund
  • Anthony J. Dyda, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles Quillin Scholarship
  • Chester E. Brown Scholarship Fund
  • Deloitte and Touche LLP Scholarship
  • Don Craig Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Dr. Paul S. and Gertrude F. Caplan Conservatory of Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Timothy W. McGuire and Dr. Nancy P. Melone School of Business Dean's Award
  • Eberly Family Scholarship
  • Edward M. Ryan Scholarship
  • Finkelhor Memorial Scholarship
  • Foster Alumni Scholarship
  • Frank Sinatra Memorial Scholarship
  • Froehlich/Roteman Scholarship
  • George E. Marin Information Technology and Business Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Huth Technologies, LLC Scholarship
  • John V. Hopkins Alumni Scholarship
  • Jon A. and Donna L. Boscia Scholarship Fund
  • Joseph N. Koenig, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Kathleen Bland Smith Memorial Fellowship
  • Loti Falk Dance Scholarship
  • MARC USA Scholar Award at Point Park University
  • Margy Snyder Memorial Scholarship
  • McCune Foundation Undergraduate Assistantship
  • Myron Cope Scholarship Fund
  • Nancy and Milton Washington/Point Park University Scholarship
  • Norma Miller Memorial Scholarship
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Scholarship
  • R.P. Simmons Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Richard B. Tucker Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard E. Rauh Theatre Award
  • Ronald Tassone Memorial Scholarship
  • Rosemarie E. Cibik Scholarship
  • Roy F. Bates, Sr. Scholarship Fund
  • Steven B. Stein Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Thomas W. Golonski Family Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
  • Vernon Schnare Scholarship Fund
  • Vincent LaBarbera Scholarship Fund
  • William J. Thomas Scholarship Fund
  • William K. Leech Educational Fund
  • William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund

Learn more about how you can establish or contribute to a scholarship fund.

Contact Kristin DeLuca, director of development & institutional partnerships at 412-392-4777 or